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Rate plan

About car rental fees and models

The usage fee for B-free car rental is comprised of additional service charges such as rental car basic charge (car rental charge), car model designation charge, compensation, rental of child seats and studless tires.
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Rental car basic fee
Additional service fee
Car type designation fee / equipment / option fee /
Compensation fee, one-way fee, etc.
Total usage
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Pricing example
If you rent an X-class “Nissan March”.
Basic charge
8 hours (on the day)
Up to 24 hours (on the day)
Regular fee
High season
Regular fee
High season
Additional charge (¥)
1 hour additional
1 additional day
Regular fee
High season
Regular fee
High season

About compensation course

* Non-operation change (NOC) payment exemption
* Exemption from non-operational fees paid in the event of an accident
Standard compensation course
In the unlikely event of an accident, the following amount is covered as a limit.
However, no compensation will be made if it falls under the disclaimer of the insurance policy.
◼️ Interpersonal compensation
When someone else is killed or injured
Unlimited per person (includes 30 million yen in liability insurance)
◼️ Vehicle compensation
When you damage your rental car
Market value per accident (vehicle compensation exemption amount 50,000 yen)
* 100,000 yen for microbuses, regular freight cars, and special tumor vehicles
* Customers must bear the tow fee and car rental vehicle correction fee within the range of the vehicle waiver.
​◼️ Objective compensation
When you give a loss to someone else's car or item
Unlimited per accident (objective compensation exemption amount 50,000 yen)
◼️ Personal injury compensation
When you or your passenger are injured
Up to 30 million yen per person
In case of injury (including aftereffects) and death in a passenger car accident, the amount of damage will be covered regardless of the driver's negligence rate. The amount of damage is calculated according to the standards set forth in the insurance policy.

In such cases, insurance / compensation is not applicable.

Damage exceeding the above compensation

When there is no report of an accident to the police

When applicable to the insurance policy disclaimer
(1) Tire damage due to puncture or burst * (2) Loss of wheel cap * (3) Deliberate accident

※ will be compensated if you join the safety compensation course.

When the reason for violating the loan agreement becomes clear
(1) Drunk driving (2) Reckless driving (3) Drug use (4) Unauthorized extension (5) Accidents when riding and escaping (6) Drivers who are not approved by the Company (7) or lending

When there is an administrative failure
(1) Damage to equipment in the car (2) Unlocked theft (3) Escape to parking prohibited places (4) Other nuisances (5) Oil type mistake due to self-fueling (6) Loss of key (7) Inside the car Smoking (including electronic and heated cigarettes), etc.

Equipment / Options

Befree car rentals rent necessary equipment and options according to customer requirements.
Please book the equipment and options you want to use with the car, such as studless tires when traveling on snowy roads, and child seats when traveling with children.
1. Child seat
Sheet type
Baby Seat


Child seat
Junior seat
Height standard: up to about 70cm
Estimated weight: up to 10kg m
Estimated age: Newborn to about 1 year old
Estimated height: up to about 65cm to 100cm
Estimated weight: 9-18kg to m
Estimated age: 1 to 4 years old
Height standard: 100cm ~ 135cm position
Estimated weight: 15-36kg to m
Age standard: 4 to 10 years old
1. Multilingual NAVI
(Japanese, Korean, English, Chinese)
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2. Drive recorder
3. ETC Card Rental
4.Back Camera
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