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User guide

Driving a car

Illegal parking is not good!

With the revision of the Road Traffic Law, the control becomes stricter and even short parking is subject to penal regulations.

In addition, please stop it as it may cause accidents and traffic jams.

If you are in violation, please report to the police station.

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Mobile phone stopped

Accidents caused by using mobile phones while driving are increasing. Turn off the power while driving or set the drive mode. When using, stop at a safe place.

Before using car navigation

The map data and actual road conditions may differ or may not operate correctly due to satellite conditions or weather conditions.

Car navigation is not perfect. Please refer to maps and road signs when driving.

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Children's seat for children

The staff may assist you during the rental process, but you should check the installation safety yourself.

According to the law, drivers who carry children under the age of 6 must wear seats.

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Other notes

The basics of safety are the correct wearing of seat belts
It is important to wear your seat belt correctly, as well as to drive safely.
Since June 1, 2008, seat belts have become mandatory for the rear seats.

Please be sure to wear it for your safety.

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Flow to return when returning

Please contact the store (departure or return) in advance for extension.

Reservation cancellation fee (cancellation fee)

We will explain how to make advance reservations, change or cancel reservations.
With Be Free Rent-A-Car, you can rent on the day even if you do not make a reservation, but we recommend that you make a reservation in advance so that you can use it in the car type and period you want.

Payment method

Cash, Credit card, Electronic PAY (Ali pay, Kakao pay, we chat)
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About return

Car rental reservations can be made through online reservations, telephone reservations, or direct contact with stores.
Reservations can be made up to 6 months ahead.
When returning, please fill the tank at the nearest gas station.

Navigation input number (MAP CODE)
Gas station near sales office: 13 352 227 * 32
Car rental office:
 13 352 242 * 78

Customers returning to the airport are requested to return at least 2 hours prior to the departure time of the aircraft. * Returnable time: 8:30 to 19:00
After returning the vehicle, we will pick you up at Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station.
# 10 minutes to Hakata station, 5 minutes to airport
#Please apply for a pick-up service when renting a car.
The final return time is 19:00, the closing time for business.

If you return it after 19:00, a one-day extension fee will be charged.


Please contact the store (departure or return) in advance for extension.
An extension fee will be charged.
The extension fee will be settled upon return.


Please fill up the fuel when returning. In addition, a receipt for refueling is required when returning.
If it is not full tank return, fuel fee is required. The fuel cost is calculated based on our regulations from the declared mileage.

Mid-term cancellation

If you want to return the rental car earlier than scheduled, please check with the departure store in advance.
If there is an unused period, the fee will be refunded. A separate cancellation fee will be charged.
For details, please check “Article 33 (Termination)”.
Rental fee corresponding to the rental contract period-Rental fee corresponding to the period from rental to cancellation
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